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Nutrition Coaching

Katrina Trisko

Are you tired of sifting through all the conflicting nutrition advice

on the internet and social media?

Are you sick of following one fad diet after another that has you

eliminating some of your favorite foods?

Are you trying to make too many lifestyle changes at once,

and get overwhelmed and give up?

Well guess what, you're not alone! And it's not your fault!


The biggest reason why you've probably tried things on your own before but failed, is because whatever you were doing wasn't realistic or sustainable.

 The "diet" had you following a meal plan you just couldn't stick to. Or you found yourself cutting out your favorite foods. And even worse, you found yourself barely holding your head above water, exhausted with implementing changes overnight.

My program incorporates a personalized approach to your nutrition, that starts with getting to know you first, and working together to develop small behavioral and habit changes over time that lead you to that healthier, stronger, more confident person you know you can be!


No meal plans, no crash diets, no restriction.

Just simple changes, one step at a time. 


So what does it look like to work with me?


1-on-1 Virtual Nutrition Counseling Includes:

60 Minute "Get to Know You" Initial Session

During our first session, I'll spend the majority of the session getting to know you better! We’ll start with a full assessment that will include a discussion around your lifestyle as a whole, from food habits, to hydration, to stress management. I get to know you so that way we can work together to develop a personalized road map to success!

Follow Up Sessions

During our follow up sessions, we will assess your progress since our last call, and a new set of action items to focus on until our next follow up. 

Email Support

For however long I'm working with you, you have access to e-mail support to address any brief questions or concerns that come up between our sessions.

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